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Selecting the games and spreads that offer the best value on the betting market.

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  1. Initial selection
    All potential betting opportunities for a day are selected based on basic value provided by the betting line.
  2. Deeper look
    A deeper research is then performed on the actual basketball games - matchup information, analytical view and situational handicap applied. This results in a short-list of games for each single day that are playable.
  3. Grading the bets and bet sizing
    Finally, a unit-size is attached to a bet to indicate the suggested size of the wager. This takes into account both the actual game but also the larger picture - not being too exposed on a single day. It is only a suggested size, you should use your own judgement according to your bankroll and risk preference. The unit sizing is a valid guide to the confidence of the selection with 4-unit bets being the most confident, and 2-unit bets still being significantly confident to be played.

Profitability Guarantee

Guaranteed to make a profit for the period of subscription. If not, subscription will be extended for the same period as the subscription.